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discount dental plans


Three Dental Plans To Choose From

Effective Immediately - No Age Limits
Save 15% with Annual Memberships!

Discount Dental Plans - Should I Join One?

Fact: Over 30% of the people in this country avoid dental work because it's so expensive.

Are you looking for an affordable way to save money at the dentist?

Not sure about which dental plan to join?  There ARE lot’s of choices!

Careington has over 9 MILLION members across the country.  Nine million people can't be wrong!

About 10 years ago I got a huge shock regarding the cost of a dental crown that I needed because I chipped a tooth.  ONE crown was going to cost me over $1000.00! I didn't have the $1000 I needed and I found myself in trouble. I was in pain so I HAD to do something.  But I didn't know what to do. I couldn't afford the $1000 my dentist wanted so I needed a way to lower my cost. My dentist recommended Careington Dental Plan.

So I went online and starting doing some research.  I found a web site that sold the Careington dental plan, looked at the fee schedule and discovered that I could save FIFTY percent on my crown if I joined.  That saving was huge. A lot of people think that dentists who offer their clients a discount might not be good dentists.  I did some research on www.healthgrades.com and found that the dentist I needed to go to had no complaints against him and he had great reviews on Google.

I signed up, went back to get my crown done and lowered my cost to $540!  Incredible.

I know that this discount dental plan worked for me and I know it will work for you.

By the way - at anytime you decide you want to join Careington, just click here to get started.

What To Look for in a Dental Discount Plan:

Affordability - Discount Dental Service® has lowered the cost of membership to save our members even more money.  Our Individual plan is $6.95/mo or $75.06/yr and our Family Plan is only $9.00.mo or $108/yr.

discount dental plans

No Waiting - You should be able to use the plan immediately.  Some 3rd party make you wait 4 days before you can start saving money.

discount dental plans

No Limits - You can use the Careington 500 dental plan as often as you wish.

discount dental plans

Know What You’ll Pay BEFORE You Join The Plan - You can view our fee schedule online to see your savings before you join.

discount dental plans

Large Network of Providers -  The Careington Plan can be used at any dentist all across the country at any one of our 67,000 dentists.

discount dental plans

100% Satisfaction Guarantee -  We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with your savings we’ll refund you the entire amount (less the $20 set-up fee) within your 1st 30 days.

discount dental plans

A Good Cancellation Policy - You can cancel anytime with a 30 day notice with a simple phone call. Continue >>

discount dental plans