If you're interested in shaping or altering the look of your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer. A patient may complain about the color of their teeth, the shape of their teeth, or even the size/span of their gums in relation to their teeth. These issues can lead to self-consciousness and social anxiety, but there are solutions.

Once you have found a cosmetic dentist with whom you'd like to work - family dentists will often be able to provide referrals - discuss your desired outcome with him or her. Don't be afraid to review pictures of previous work by this dentist, or to review his or her educational and practice qualifications. You can also ask about a computer-aided projection of how your smile is expected to look at the end of your procedure.

Tooth Whitening

Of course, we all desire a mouth of pearly white teeth, but it is rarely offered to us. Everyday substances like coffee and food slowly stain our teeth, and genetics play a huge role in the whiteness and brightness of our teeth. As a result, many of us look to whitening procedures to restore a bright, white smile.

Over-the-counter tooth whiteners are readily available, but are not customizable nor particularly long-lasting. If you choose to visit a dentist for help in whitening your teeth, know that there are two types of professional whitening: bleaching and laser whitening.

To bleach your teeth, your dentist will often send you home with a whitening kit. It will be form-fitted to your exact smile and fit over your teeth like a glove. From there, the bleaching solution inside the mouth trays will go to work on your teeth, bleaching away age and discoloration.

Laser whitening is less common, but very fast and effective. Using lasers to whiten teeth works by forcing the chemical process of tooth whitening to kick in faster. Your dentist will first protect your gums with a barrier, then use a small laser to activate the bleaching solution and foam the stains from your teeth.

Tooth Reshaping

Dental bonding is a fairly common cosmetic procedure that allows one to alter the shape, size, and even color of his or her teeth. By applying a durable dental resin to the tooth and allowing it to dry and harden, your dentist can reshape or resize your teeth to your specifications.

Reducing Gum Size

To reduce gum size, the procedures themselves are relatively straightforward. The first option is the removal of a small portion of the gums that are exposed during a smile. (This will be accomplished with a dental laser.) The procedure is generally pain-free and requires no stitching or sutures of any kind.  This procedure is normally done by a Oral Surgeon.

The other option is also surgical - a crown lengthening that carefully contours the gum tissue around each tooth and sutured into position. Though this procedure is performed with local anesthetic, it is obviously more in-depth and involved. The typical healing span is 7-10 days, but may require repetition to work toward long-term gum establishment.  Save on cosmetic dentistry at www.dentalplans.us.com

Cosmetic Dentistry

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